Me, my crazy thoughts, and GOD only knows what ELSE..

This is about me!! My crazy family, and thoughts on life and what-not! Im an only child with lots of issues; or so I have been told.. I grew up in Kansas.. and moved here to GA 7yrs ago! This is my LIFE.. Lord help us!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

These G.D Migraine HEADACHES..

Well thought I would post.. It seems likes its been forever, so I thought since I was feeling better I would give it a shot! I have had a MIGRAINE headache for 1 WEEK solid... So needless to say, it is now that I am finally feeling better. I spent most of the week home from work and when I wasn't at work I as either at the hospital or at the doctors office. It is now Saturday and I still have a what's called as a tentison headache, but in my book its still a headache and I fell like ASS!!!!!!!

My life has been on hold for a week now, and its bad enough I was short on money, that I will be REALLY SCREWED FOR SURE!!!!! I swear when it rains it pours....

And thru all and all, the one person who stepped up to the plate with out even asking was my "ex".. My "ex"?!!! I couldn't believe it... Im not a person who is a good sick person; buy the way, and let alone hates to even ask for help... but with out even asking for ANYTHING "B" stepped up to the plate and took care of me... I must say, I was kinda of put back in a way of what the hell?!!!! Does that make sense? Well its a long story believe me, but I must say it felt kinda good to have him come thru and be there..... Hell I didn't even tell KP. I haven't really talked or done a whole hell of a lot to say, other than chit-chat only-line a bit, I didn't talk on the phone but one day when I did fell GOOD...
I swear, I really wouldn't wish these on ANYONE!!!!

For anyone who hasn't had one, really has NO idea the pain that the people who do, go thru. My mom used to have them when I was youger but never NEW the pain she went thru or even felt. I used to have migrains a few years ago, and until this episode hadn't had one in a year. I think this one made up for not having one in that YEAR span. I hope this new medicine the doctor gave me will go to work and kick in soon so that it doenst come back. I swear; I don't think I could take it again if it came back as strong as it did this time.

Well that is it for now.. My eyes are going blurry and that's not a good sign, so tell latter my dear's... 2 fingers!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

This is me!!! Lets see what U got?!

After some request.. .. this is me!!! Now get over it, and move on! R U happy now?!! Is this what U thought I would look like?!!!!

Monday, August 08, 2005

A weekend full of RAIN and be stuck out in it!

OK.. So for the most part my w/end was cool! I had a 3 day w/end and honestly haven't don't jack shit, but somehow enjoyed!!!!

Saturday started off with nothing unusual, just some cleaing and enjoying QUITE time ALONE and not doing anything, but a few normal house chores that come along when you own your home. Sunday proved to be a day to remember!!! On Thursday I had spoke with a friend from Columbus who was coming in on Sunday and had figured that would be a good day to go out riding on his Harley and have lunch.
Well, for all you local people, Sunday was like a damn Monsoon out there!!!! When he arrived Sunday mid' morning we had thought the rain had missed us and would turn out to be a wonder day to ride!!! Well, as to our amazement; we hadn't got about 13 miles from the house till the HEAVENS opened up on us!!!
Needless to say, we had to pull over and stop for a bit because it was to bad to see.. So the 1st time we pulled over, we were there about 30 mins or so?!! Well, the man upstairs thought it would be good to play with us and just thought that turning the rain to a slow drip would be funny, so we started out again!
Well, that was a joke because no more than another 3 miles the sky opened up once more, and that time we were stuck between a rock and a hard place! We had to ride another 3 mile in the RAIN till we could pull over for shelter ONCE more!!!!!! People were looking at us like we were crazy!!! I have to say, I never met so many people in my life.. We had people coming up to us right and left just talking about different things.. It was pretty funny I must admit. While hanging out at our 2nd stop, we figured it would just be best to call it a day.. At that time, the heavens thought it would be just as funny the 3rd time as it would have been all other times for the sky to clear up yet once again. Well we figured , it was ride or die and it only separated the boys from the men and thought why not go balls out, and go for it 1 more time!!!! It was at that time, we pulled out, and yet again, started to sprinkle on the other side ot the street!! At that time, a couple of hours had pasted and were both hungry, so we thought we would seek shelter for awhile hoping that if we could eat and relax we could dry out some and have a smile and a Coke as some would say. Well found a spot who when we pulled in, we found WE weren't the only ones out ridding that day!!!! We found another 5 couples who had done the same thing as us.. We laughed and said, we thought we were the only ones out, and they said.. in this weather; it separates the real riders from the "wanna be's"...Well needless to say afer a couple hours it die clear up and we decided it would be best to head on back to the house. Well after we arirved, John thought it would be best to relax for a bit, and then head on home.. Well no sooner did he get ready to leave, did the skies open back home and he said it rained on home for the most part of the ride.... I swear, the man upstairs just didn't want us out and about.
Well now its Monday, and the most exciting part of my day, is IM getting up to go to "Wally-world" to pick up a few things..

Well as so my so called life contiues...................

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Yeah I copied this.. SO WHAT?!! I was bored..

OK.. YEAH I coiped.. SO WHAT?!!!
Update of those random questions...
So, I was scrollin' my old blogs and came across the gazillion questions I answered over the course of a gazillion hours many months ago. Thought it would be fun/informative to update, so here goes:
1)time: 6:08PM.
2) name: Mic' for short
3) Nicknames: Micalicious, Kansas
4) Name Spelled Backwards: Cim'
5) home town: Born and raised Wichita, KS, transplanted to GA
6) Grade: WHAT THE HELL?
7) Birthday: 12/3/71
8) Age: 33
9 ) School: lets just say I didnt graduate the big C'
10) Hair Color: natural, is browinsh/black.. but now?! light goldne brown
11) Eyes: brown
12) Height: 5'6
13) Siblings: NONE!!! only child; BABY!!!!
14) Gender: female, DUGH!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Have You ever?- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
15) Been so drunk you blacked out: I hate to say, but yes!!!!
16) Missed schoo/workl because it was raining: yes, often because of migraines
17 Set any part of your body on fire for amusement: ugh.......... NO!!!!
18) Kept a secret from everyone: yes
19) Had an imaginary friend: I dont think so?!
20) Wanted to hook up with a friend: yeap, is that WRONG?
21) Cried during a flick: yeap.. im very senstive!!!
22 is MIA
23) Ever thought an animated character is hot: NO!
24) Ever prank called someone: yeah, when I was like 8/9 WAY before CALLER ID!!
25) Been on stage: 7 yrs for a dance recitle
26) Fought with your parents: who hasn't?
27) Wished upon a star: yeah, its worth a shot!
28) Laughed until you cried: YEAP!!!
29) Watched a sunrise/sunset: sunsets FERSURE!!!
30) Went to a beach at night: yeap.. and got my grove on!!!!
31) Been mean: sometimes
32) Been sarcastic:Your kidding me right?!!! hell ya.....
Random: Are you happy: yeah, I guess so.. I wake up every morning, so that has got to say something?! right..
34) Are you talking to someone online: no.. not now
35) Shampoo: KMS and Bed Head
36) Soap: bodywash with moisturizing beads (Caress)
37) Colors: probally black, but I dig some blues, greens and purples!
38) Day/Night: Night!!! Im a nigh owl fersure!
39) Kinda Music: I'm fairly open to all genres; but mostly listen to R&B, Hip-Hop, Alternative, Jazz, Soul and OLD SCHOOL!!
40) Fav. Soda: right now its Code Red
41) Fav. Drink: most anything.... gotta be cold, BUT anything BUT MILK!
42) Fav. Car: 'benz or and Austin Martin
43) Fav. Perfume or Cologne?: Goodlife, I can harldy find it; but to me thats the SHIT!
44) Fav. Radio Station: Hot 107.9, Q100, 97JAMS, 95.5 the Beat, and Star 94
45) Fav. Website: dont think I have one?!
46) Fav. Subject in school: I hated school...
47) Least Fav. Subject in School: ha... I think #46 should answer that! I hated school, I didnt have a favorite or least favorite!
48) Fav. Sport: I guess football, and some basketball
9) Fav. Video Game: Im old school on this.. Ms. Pac Man, Frogger, and Donkey Kong and New school would be "tekken tag".. Im a GURL.. what do U expect?
50) Fav. Band: dont really have one!
51) Fav. Food: SUSHI!!! I also enjoy seafood, mexican, and some lebeanase
52) Fav. Movies: Oh lord, where do I start?!!!
53) Fav. Place: depends on my moods..
54) Fav. Holiday: holidays are over rated!
55) Lace or Satin: I guess satin?
56) Fav. Place to Chill: good question.. besides my house? I really dont know?!
57) Fav. Ice Cream: B&J Cookie Dough
58) Fav. Cartoon Character: Pickles and Garfield
59) Have a gf or bf: NO!!1
60) Loved Anyone: aside from FAMILY.. yeah!
61) Who's the Loudest:between WHO?!!!
62) Shyest: I think Tammy T... would count for that?!
63) Nicest: .. another dumb question! But to answer.. KP!!
64) Funniest: I guess that would be KP?!!!
65) Craziest: hahaha... Tonnya, shes more GHETO than anything!!!
66) Who do you go to for advice: ha... usaullty KP, or B'
67) Who do you cry with: mostly mysef, I dont like to cry in front of people
68) Which friend lives the farthest from you: Tammy
69) Talked to someone you have a crush on: yeah, Im 33 not 12!
70) Missed someone: who doesnt?
71) Hugged someone you like: yeah, I dont have "cotties"
---------------------------------Believe In----------------------------------------
73) God/Devil: God
74) Love at first site: never say never.. so I guess yeah?!
75) The Big Bang Theory: sure, why not
76) Heaven/Hell: Heaven
-------------------------------------Misc.------------------------------------------------------77) Who named you: I dont know?! I guess my mom and dad...
78) When was the last time you showered: this morning!
79) What is right next to you: Im at work, so a phone, fan headset and my purse!
80) What are the last 4 digits of your phone number: which one?!
81) What is your computer desk made out of: hell I dont know?!!! Im at work..
82) What was the last thing you ate: TWIX
83) Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with: what a random question...
84) How many buddies do you have on your list: which list, can u please be more speific?!!
85) Hows the weather right now: hot and humid!!
86) What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten: depends on who U ask!!!
87) How do you eat oreo's: just bit into it!! nothing special, Im not a freak about Oreo's anyway!
88) Are you too shy to ask a girl/guy out: NO!
89) If you could change your name, what would it be?: umm... I kinda dig Harper or Halston
90) What will your first son's name be: I dont WANT kids.. but I guess I would name him after my dad.. Arthur James, A.J for short!
91) What would your daughters name be: as to answer from 90, but if I did have a child, and it was a gurl.. Cree Lynn.
92) Do you like scary or happy movies: happy
93) Do you like talking to people on the phone or in person: depends on the person!
94) Lust or Love: see above
95) Do you consider cheerleading a sport: I guess? do u really care?!
96) Boxers or Briefs: BOXERS for sure!
97) Bacon bits or Croutons: croutons!
98) How long can you hold your breath: dont know, never really thought about it?!
99) Waiting till marriage: to not get married: WHAT IN THE HELL R U TALKING about?
100) Disney World or Disney Land: either way, one is in CA and the other is in FL..
101) Do you do drugs: only when I can!!! hahaha.. NO! Just say NO...
102) Have you ever been skinny dipping: no. HONEST!
103) Do you make fun of people: ALL THE TIME!!
104) Have you ever been convicted of a crime: no...
105) One pillow or two: 2 plus!!!
106) Pets: 1 cat, Martini B"
107) Piercings or Tattoo's: ear's are pierced, and 5 tat's
108) What's your bedtime: when ever I fell tired
109) Adidas, Nike, or Reebok: I guess NIKE, just do it!
110) Most embarassing moment: too many to recall just one
111) Do you attend church regularly: um.......... not as often as I should!
112) What do you look for in the oppisite sex: as far a looks?! height! gotta be taller than me! then eyes ,teeth and there butts! then on the inside.. u gotta make me laugh, and HONESTY!!!
113) Fav. Quote:"whatever"
114) Can you swim: yes
115) Do you like to swim: yeah
116) Do you have an accent: I dont think so?!
17) Do you have a job: yes, it's often called that
118) Do you prefer pools or oceans: pools!! I can see whats below me!! I dont like nothing I cant see whats at the bottem.. U seen Jaws right?!
120) What's better boys or girls: for what?
121) Do you sing in the shower: sometimes!
122) Who's the best looking person: the world? I dont know.. let me think about that!
123) The best way to die: the BEST way? kind of a messed up question...but i suppose the IDEAL way to go would be in my sleep
124) When do you want to die: ha! yet another fucked up question!
125) Have you ever called a 90o number: NO, HAVE U?!
126) Gold or Silver: silver to wear, for the most part. but Gold/or White gold or if your a baller then Plat' .. those set the stakes!
127) Would you ever go bungee jumping: I guess?!
128) Would you rather be short, tall, or semi-tall: semi-tall I guess.. What I semi-tall?!!
129) Do you enjoy reading: nope! dont have the patience for it.. A.D.D
130) Which Winnie the Pooh character is your fav: Never watched it.. but I know there is Piglet, Tiger and of course Pooh..
131) What was the last movie you watched: Hitched
132) Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: NOPE, just lot of pillows!
133) Do you think you're attractive: I think Im OK, I guess I would rate myself like a... 7?!!! Hell, I dont know?!!
134) What is your sign: Im a sag'
135) What are your personality traits: U might want to ask someone else..
136) What is your biggest fear: um... good question! Let me think..
137) What movie do you really wanna see: dont know?!! coudlnt really tell you whats out?!!
138) Who is the least attrative person you know: hahahaha!! another funny one! let me get back to u!
139) Optimist or Pessimist: realist
140) Would you ever have cosmetic surgery: hell ya!!
141) Do you like to dance: sure, and let me clear up something, just becaue Im white, I know how to do more than the "white gurl" dance!! and WE ALL know what that is, dont act like U DONT!!! hahahaha
142) What do you think of people who drink: nothing.. their life!
143) People who do drugs: same answer as above!
144) Better to cry or laugh: whatever suits
145) Do you think men and women can ever be just friends: sure do
146) Do you bite your nails: I would say, I use cutile clippers! I dont really bite.
147) What's your worst habit: wow.. I think curseing?!!
148) Did you ever cry over someone of the opposite sex: no doubt
149) Who in your life is your biggest role model: my parents!
150) Who was your first crush: oh God, I cant think back that long!
151) Who makes fun of you the most: myself!
152) your best friend: here would be KP and back home would be Tammy
153) Do you want your friends to do this quiz: if you want , hell just copy like I did!!
154) How much time did you spend on this quiz: 7:22PM Im at work, what do U expect?!!

Friday, July 29, 2005

So my random thoughts within a 24-48 hr turn around..

So, from with in the last 24/48 hrs.. I have just been in a daze. Just going from 1 place to another like a programed robot. My adventure if you would like to call it, stared about 12:30AM or 1:00AM.. **** So Im laying there trying to go to sleep, and as I lay there; the craziest thought runs thru my mind.. U know, I had a pair of shoes; I wonder what happened to them? OK, who in the hell thinks about SHOES at that time in the morning? Not to many people, EXCEPT for my home gurl KP!!!!!! So, I get up like a DUMB ASS and start cleaning out my closets.. So I went thru my closet, found the shoes I was thinking about, and found about 10 pairs I need to get rid off so I can get extra money, and also so I can have more room to get NEW ONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So around 3-4is AM I will say, I finally decide its best to try and get some sleep so I can function. Well I think I got to sleep some time latter and then woke up at 8:15AM like a bomb went off in my house. I was sooooooooooo PISSED. So, I followed thru with my boring life.. and that leads me to where Im at NOW.. Its Friday nite, and Im at home! And to be honest Im kinda enjoying the silence and just being ME. Ha, yeah; what a bunch of shit hugh?!! So this leads right into the following:
1. They say they wanna leave when u say your out of mustard... (now what does that really mean?!)
2. Eskimo Joe's; Stillwater OK.. how in the HELL did they come up with that name?!!
3. When Burger King says "your way" is it really my way, becuae 7 out of 10 times; its how the cook wanted to make it?!
4. Wandered how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?!
5. Wondered what it would be like to be to change places with my cat just for 1 day?!!!
6. Why doesn’t real life accidents happen like they do on the commercials?
7. Why do dumb ass women get the good men? and all I get are the rejects?!! What the hell? Just because I have values? I don’t get that one?!
8. If I knew then what I know now, boy would I have done a few things different when it came to school and life as it goes?!
9. Why did me and my ex go our separate ways? I mean I still see him and talk to him everyday, hell I even help get him his job?!
10. Being an honest person, why do people ask my opion on things only to get upset when I give them my honest thought, that no one else would tell them?!
11. Express lane, there are some that say 10, 15, and 20?!! Who came up with those #'s, and am I the only one who counts what I have when I go to ge in the line?
12. Why didn’t I get more of my father personality then my moms? and why didn’t I get his hazel/green eyes?!!
13. Can I really go back to the Midwest to live?!
14. Why have I been on a sushi kick for the last 2months?
15. Why are people in radio who really know nothing about it?!!! Why is it I usually know more about artist or songs then the DJ's?!!!!
16. No matter how old or how good I think I look, my mom always wants me to fix my hair again?
17. Why I have a hard time with my weight?!! Sometimes I think if I lost the weight and to became a stick bitch, would I start stripping?!!
18. Why on any given day that I am off from work, my body clock wakes up at the ASS CRACK of dawn, but If I have to work, I could sleep all DAMN DAY?!
19. Why r raising kids this day and age so different from when I grew up? And why don’t get try instilling some of that in our kids todays?!! I think the world would be a better place..
20. Can cats get reincarnated? Because I think Martini is really Simba?
21. How does Lil' John get laid, and further more; what does his wife look like?! And for GOD's sake what WAS SHE THINKING? Its gotta be becuase of his money..
22. What ever happen to "Bartles and James"?
23. Why my job makes me say " I would be happy to"? R U serious?!
24. Why gay men get more ass (for the most part) then straight men/ or women?!
25. Would really like to to put "Money doesnt buy love or happiness" to the test.
26. R U sure 2_pac isnt really alive?!! For a dead man, he has alot of shit out there, and Im sure he didnt coudnlt have really did all that in jail or at his house.. Seems like there is a new CD every year?!
27. Why are they tryin to remake all of the old stuff? i.e; Dukes of Hazzard, Bad News Bears.. etc?!! I thought people didnt like it back then, but everyone is on the band wagon to go back to the "old school" way of things.
28. When will designers get it, that most AMERICAN WOMEN are a size 12/14 or bigger not a size 4 and SMALLER?!
29. ...........................................................

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Its Saturday,and Im at work! I'll be dauumed..

So Im at work just sittin' here like a daum bump on a log! Somes times I get a call, other times Im surfing the net or doing a cross-word puzzles; or if I fell like it, I will do "switch errors". Swich Errors u see are actully part of my job description, but who really likes doing there job, when U can chat, and surf?!!

So Im thinking about leaving early and takin' 4 hrs of leave?!!! But then I think, Im not really doing anything, its slow and it Saturday with a skelton crew... Descisions, descisions?!!!

I am very happy to report I finally got my new bed, new printer and DLS hooked up and delivered all on the sameday!!! Yes, I know Im slow as hell getting DSL, but dont say shit; becuase I know there is someone else debateing the same thing!!! Do I get it, or not?!!!
Well, Ibroke.. and got it!!

At work yesterday, a co-worker asked me if I was dating or not?! Looking every so at her; I replied NO and asked why?! Her responce was; I think I have someone u might like.. My 1st thought was, what is wrong with him?!! And why R U not going for him?! Then her next responce was; I would love to date him but Im already dateing someone... Hum?!! Intersting I thought.. Well, my mama said "nothing ventured, nothing gained"!!! So.. I guess Sunday we will have a blind date over dinner!! Forgod's sake, PLEASE WITH ME THE BEST!!!!!

I will be reporting back in on that Sunday for Monday for a full report, GOOD or BAD..
I think I always think the worst, that was I wont be disapointed.. So till then, best wishes; and happy hunting!!!

Friday, July 22, 2005

W.T. F?!

OK damn it!!!
I just off the phone with my folks sayin they're going to OK to spend time with my fucking cousin?!! What the hell?!!

OK this BITCH, who at one time I looked up too, had the fucking nerve to send my folks a "B-day" card/invation to come to her SON's party! Who in hell does she think she is?!! But the FUCKED up part .. MY PARENT FUCKING WENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG........... Im so pissed as you can tell......

OK lets beging from the start.
It started WAY back when we were kids grownin up. I always had looked up to her. She was 1 yr older and was the "little queen" of her small-ass town! She was Blonde., skinny, atheltic, had any guy she ever wanted, and as too like me was the ONLY child. Her father was my mom's brother. I can always remeber spending time in OK with my grandparents and her and her family right across the creak. We (me , mom and pops) would spend most of our summer w/ends together. We, (my cousin and I) were always tied at the hip.. If I got introuble, she was introuble. Even though now, I still remember the good' old days and wish we could sometimes go back. Anyway, of course as we grew up we grew apart.
It wasnt' till I moved to GA, and shorlty there after her father had passed. He was flyin his "gyro" plane and ended up crashing into a Pilon.
At this time, I had only been in GA for several months and was in a terrible sitaution where I was unalbe to come for the funeral. I coulndt even think about it, beucase I was trying to live day to day and survive here; with out throwing in the towl and running back home.
So as time went, I never got a chance to go home let alone get close enough to home to ever realy deal with the circumstances till some years had passed.
And no, I didnt call, but I did send a card sayin how sorry I was.. My mom had told them the situation I was in, and there for understood; or so they say?!

It wasnt till rencently my cousin and her mother wrote my mother a note,to tell her (my mom) how selfish and spoiled I was!! Who the FUCK are they to tell my mom I was spolied when HER my cousin was the only child; and at the same time had to go home serveral times for her parents to bail her out of things. R U KIDDING ME?!! The note was 4 pages long telling my mom how she (my aunt) had never really cared for OUR side of the family, and even had the nerve to tell my GRANDMOTHER; her Mother-inlaw now that Sonny has passed would never really acknowlege the fact anymore that we were family... These "bitches" live there in the same town and hasnt hardly went by to my grandma's house to see how shes doing. Now I get Linda (my aunt) was only married into the family, but Lisa if blood.. That was her fathers mothers, at least give her the respect she deserves!
The letter was heartbreaking to my mother and my grandmother. I mean really, are they just to forget that was all said and done?!!!
Well I sure the FUCK didnt. Im sorry, but its one thing to tell me u dont like me and resent me for something, but dont u EVER tell my family that!!! EVER........ I dont give a fuck who U think U are!
U dont fuck with my family!!!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD......................

So, my mother persues to tell me that it was my FATHERS idea to go.. They said that if Sonny was still alive they would go, and I said IF he was still alive some of this shit would have NEVER happend!... So I told them HE's NOT and that is bullshit.. My mom said that sometimes u jsut have to let it go, and forgive!! R U kiddinng me?!! I can agree with forgiving someone, but that doesnt mean I have to forget! I will never forget what they said... EVER!!!
She had told me that Lisa (my cousin) had said she was sorry, but never gave me THAT the same token of sayin she's sorry.

My mom said I needed to respect there feelings and thoughts about there choice. I told them I did, but doesnt mean I dont have to like there choices.....

Well as I stand here today, I dread the day my Grandmother passes, she was and is still the only thing that binds our crazy family together. The shit will trully hit the fan!!!!!!!!!!!

So on this surely I say untill you.. I hope that bitch chokes on her own spit!

And only will she say shes sorry to me, may I truly forget!!!

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